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Knowledge is King!

People will always be the weakest link in the organizational security chain, but at the same time they can also be your greatest defense. It is essential that employees have a basic level of understanding coupled with an ongoing education plan. This will help them to recognize and understand how cyber-attacks work, and their ongoing, continual evolution. If they do not recognize these threats, how then will they be able to respond, report, or remove them appropriately. To further this, surveys have bore out that an employees lack of cybersecurity awareness is the main cause of ransomware attacks. Can your organization afford one? Start the conversation to learn more about how we can help you in your mitigation efforts.

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Achieve Your Goals

We conduct exercises such as Phishing (Educational, Pentest or Spear), planted media (mail or USB drops), Pretext calling, and social networking. These exercises are aimed at targets such as employees, users, managers, and departments. Upon completion of the engagement, a report is created detailing what was done, how it was done, along with a list of action items that explain what needs to be done next. Start the conversation to learn more about how we can help you in your mitigation efforts.

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Expert Guidance

Open Source Intelligence is harvesting data from legitimate sources such as online search engines, websites, and professional social networks. Along with obvious sources, such as a company website and social networking sites, information can also be gathered through metadata stored within files created and published by an organization. Do you know which of your company or employee data is sitting out in cyber space? Hackers do, and with that information, hackers can use the same Open Source Intelligence to identify technical vulnerabilities as well as human targets for phishing and social engineering attacks. Cybersecurity teams deploy similar techniques to find and close down these weaknesses.


Is your organization serious about cybersecurity awareness? If the answer is yes, start the conversation to learn more about how we can help you in your mitigation efforts.